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Brew Guide

nespresso® pods

make a flawless coffee as easy as a push of the nespresso® machine button. Authentically Brew coffee has a brew-tiful bittersweet, chocolatey taste coffee lovers go nuts for. See below just how easy it really is!

  • 1

    gather equipment

    Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.

  • 2

    set up espresso machine

    Set up your espresso pod machine by filling the water tank with fresh filtered water. Turn on and place an espresso cup under the pouring spout.

  • 3

    press espresso button

    Once the machine is hot, flush the machine by pressing the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button without a coffee pod. This will help to keep the machine clean, heat the brew chamber, and warm up your espresso cup. Discard the water.

  • 4

    pop in the pod

    Place your espresso cup back under the pouring spout. Place a pod into the brewing chamber and close the lid. Press the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button.

  • 5


    Once the machine has finished pouring, your espresso is ready to drink and enjoy.

  • 6

    clean & close

    Finally, eject the pod from the brew chamber by opening and closing the lid. Then press the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button one more time to allow the water to run through and clean your machine.

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