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french press

If your go-to brewing method is a French press, we have the perfect coffee for you. Take your pick between our two delicious blends. Either, Mindful Moments that has flawless flavours of citrus and roasted hazelnuts. Or, Authentically Brew that has a brew-tiful bittersweet, chocolatey taste coffee lovers go nuts for.

  • 1

    boil the water

    Turn on your kettle and bring to boil. Fill your cafetière to warm and pour the water away.

  • 2

    add your coffee

    Add your ground coffee to the bottom of your cafetière. We recommend around 16g per cup for a perfect brew.

  • 3

    pour hot water

    Pour hot water over the grounds to your desired level, we also recommend to stir the grounds slightly for a flawless coffee creation.

  • 4

    pop the lid on

    Place the lid onto the cafetière, remember not to press the filter down!

  • 5

    plunge & serve

    After 4-5 minutes, press the plunger down slowly until you reach the bottom. Now be quick! Serve the coffee ASAP to avoid bitterness from over brewing.

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