iced americano


Perfect For Staying Cool This Summer!

iced americano

We think you'll love the simplicity of this one!

iced americano

an iced americano is a classic, so we wanted to jump on this recipe to share with our coffee community 🫶. drink this to stay cool during the summer months by following these 4 easy steps.

  • 3 Minutes
  • Easy

recipe ingredients

  • 50ml of Coffee Concentrate
  • Ice

this recipe uses

  • fav glass or tumbler

what is an iced americano?

an iced americano is a classic espresso drink which results in a refreshing, bold, and bitter taste. this coffee recipe doesn’t include any milk, but instead water and ice will be used to dilute the strength of the espresso shot.

how to make an iced americano

  1. fill glass with ice
    grab your florence glass tumbler (or your favourite glass of choice) and fill to the top with ice.
  2. pour in your coffee concentrate
    pour in 50ml of our quick serve coffee concentrate, followed by 200ml of water.
  3. add a syrup (optional)
    why not add 20ml of your favourite FBMC syrup, we love using vanilla syrup to complement the flavour.
  4. finish with sweet syrups
    stir and serve - you deserve it 💜✨
quick serve coffee concentrate (1 Litre)

quick serve coffee concentrate (1 Litre)

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