coffee ice cubes


Keep your coffee cool for longer this summer!

coffee ice cubes

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coffee ice cubes

tired of watered-down iced coffee? don't worry we’ve got you. try our coffee ice cube recipe so that your iced coffees stay caffeinated and fresh this summer☕🧊

  • 5 Minutes
  • Easy

recipe ingredients

this recipe uses

  • ice cube tray
  • jug

what are coffee ice cubes?

coffee ice cubes are simple! freeze your diluted coffee concentrate into cubes using an ice tray. these little coffee ice cubes are a must-have for your summer coffee creations. unlike regular ice, they keep your drink bursting with rich coffee flavour.

what are coffee ice cubes good for?

coffee cubes are great for elevating your iced coffee game! instead of using regular ice cubes which will water down your iced coffee, why not make your own caffeinated cubes to maintain the consistency. *note: don't freeze undiluted concentrate cubes for use in iced coffee, always remember to dilute first.

how to make coffee ice cubes

  1. step 1
    grab a jug and fill it with 100ml of our quick serve coffee concentrate and 300 ml of water.
  2. step 2
    why not add 20ml of your favourite FBMC syrup - a little something to sweeten up your day. (optional).
  3. step 3
    stir the coffee mixture and carefully distribute it into your ice cube tray.
  4. step 4
    place your tray into the freezer and wait three hours for your cubes to freeze. 
  5. step 5
    take out your cubes and serve with milk/dairy alternative of your choice or water. you deserve it 💜
quick serve coffee concentrate (1 Litre)

quick serve coffee concentrate (1 Litre)

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