How To Host The Ultimate Summer Picnic



Picnicking 101 - How to Host the Ultimate Summer Picnic

Published 4 min read

Discover 5 transformative ways picnics nourish your mind and spirit and help improve your mental health.

Welcome to picnicking 101! It’s finally summer and we know you’re getting FOMO watching those perfect summer picnics on TikTok. A day with your bffs, where you eat the best food and share juicy gossip is a huge pic(nic) me up for so many people. Well, we’ve got you covered with the best tips and tricks to create your flawless summery picnic so you can get the pic(nic) me up you need. We are giving you a list of absolute necessities and iconic additions to make your picnic insta famous, as well as any extra advice and inspo to make your picnic the best one yet.

Firstly, you’ll want to grab your bffs and find that dream location! Whether it’s a brew-tiful field of flowers, a sunny beach, or even your garden, we can help you create an insta-worthy picnic. Fancy a sunset picnic with friends? Run and find those twinkle lights, your cutest jacket, and a hot coffee for that evening breeze. Or if you fancy the classic day time picnic with a tan, grab some colourful bunting, your prettiest picnic blankets and of course your Florence Glass Tumbler filled with plenty of your fave iced coffee to keep you chilled out. If you want to add that extra sparkle, add some twinkling lights and brightly coloured accessories.

We have a list of absolute necessities to host the ultimate summer picnic. You’ll need:

And of course, your fave bffs!

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the snacks and drinks! In the summer, it is so important you stay hydrated, so why not snatch up our Florence Coffee Concentrate to make the best, quick and easy drinks. All you need is your Coffee Concentrate, fave syrups, ice, and milk (or alternative of your choice). Now grab our aesthetic glass tumbler to make those pics look as good as you! Or if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a brew, you can take your pick from our delicious blends. These include a bittersweet, chocolatey coffee with a perfect balance of hazelnut and treacle flavours to sip on during those mindful moments. Or our blend that allows you to be authentically brew, with a hint of soft spices and citrus along with the delicious taste of roasted nuts. These blends can be hot or cold, so if your evening picnic starts to cool down, we have the steamy coffee for you. And if you need a snack to go with it, this coffee can be paired perfectly with a s’more round the fire, who wouldn’t want to toast marshmallows and sip coffee at a cosy picnic?

Don’t worry, s’mores are not the only perfect coffee pairing, we would recommend:

  • Pastries (including croissants, pain au chocolat, doughnuts, scones, tarts and more!)
  • Fruit
  • Sandwiches
  • Bread rolls and baguettes
  • Any condiments or spreads you would like! (For example; jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, etc)
  • Cakes and cookies

Here’s some extra TikTok food inspo!

1. Girls picnic 

2. Paint by numbers 

3. Galentines

4. Bring a board

5. Heart shaped pizza 

Now you have all the tips to hosting the ultimate summer picnic, we are here to give you all the tricks!

As a host, you want your friends to have the best time at your picnic and rave about it to everyone! We have lots of tricks to keep your friends entertained when you host. We know you and your bffs have lots to gossip about and are in need of a coffee catch up, but when all the tea (… coffee) has been spilt, what’s next? Well, if you’re one to follow the trends like us there is so much fun to be had and activities to do! This way your friends are always kept sipping and smiling.

Why not complete the painting challenge with your bffs and see who can create the ‘paint the best picture’? Or grab your fave cake to pair with your coffee and try the cake in a cup trend? Now, we know you’ve seen the create a food board challenge on TikTok, so if you can’t decide what food you all want then you can all bring a fun and creative board to share with each other! You could even make heart shaped pizzas together and enjoy them in the sun.

If you’re one of our trend setters, we challenge you to create your own picnic trend and become a TikTok sensation! You could make each other iced coffees and find your fave coffee combinations. Or make up a new popular TikTok dance for everyone to try. The ideas are endless, and we know you’ll come up with something that goes viral!

We hope our tips and tricks have left you prepared and excited for your pic(nic) me up. Your friends will love it and we can’t wait to see the insta pics and TikTok trends you share. Make sure to tag us @florencebymillscoffee and use the hashtag #picnicmeup so we can see the trend you choose!

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